Public event organized in Serbia

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Public event organized in Serbia

November 26th, 2020|Activities Archive, Events Archive|

On the October 28th 2020, in Belgrade, Serbia, RDA Banat organized Public event to present the achievements of the SMILE project, with an emphasis on results achieved within WP T2 – Elaboration of a transnational Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning (SUMP) scheme for urban and interurban areas of the ADRION region.

As the main output of the WP, Action Plan for Transnational SUMP concept was presented to the audience.

The event was the opportunity to discuss and compare different sustainable mobility legal & policy framework in partner states analysed within Benchmark report, as well as Planning model developed within SMILE project. Considering that only a few local governments in the Republic of Serbia have SUMP in place, participants discussed about importance of this strategic planning tool that develops a system vision of urban mobility and how it could be implemented in higher-level in Serbia.

RDA Banat team presented also “ADRION thematic cluster on urban and interurban low carbon intermodal mobility for passengers”, which brought together partners of various ADRION projects with the common goal of capitalizing, disseminating, promoting and upgrading the results of these projects.

The meeting was organized with the presence of mobility experts from the Public Enterprise „Roads of Serbia“ and private companies, respecting the all COVID 19 measures undertaken and prescribed by the Government of the Republic of Serbia.