Research of tourist traffic flows in Serbia is in full pick

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Research of tourist traffic flows in Serbia is in full pick

Activities on the project SMILE are continuing, after a break caused by the COVID 19 situation in Serbia and measures undertaken. Research of tourist traffic flows in Serbia was in full pick during the June. Subject of research is current status of tourist flows in the destination area (City of Zrenjanin) and the most frequently visited destinations and routes / modes of transport of arrivals to them.

Research results will be the starting point for developing a new mobile application in the future for movement s needs and monitoring tourist movement. Surveys have been distributed in hotels, tourist centers, travel agencies and through a social media campaign on the RDA Banat “ Facebook ” profile. This direct research of tourist flows is supplemented with indirect ones, using the well-known applications ” Trip Advisor ” and ” Four square “, which are also the most frequently used tourist applications.

The research results will also allow for mobility and CO2 emission analysis in tourism movements, according to the category of street network and in relation to the type of vehicle, all this in relation to the average age of the vehicle fleet in Serbia.

Conclusions from the research will specifically refer to the possibility of using this research for the purpose of local traffic planning, i.e. the involvement of the City of Zrenjanin authorities in improving the movement of tourist flows, as well as optimization of freight delivery and tourist traffic routes.