Another academic paper thanks to SMILE

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Another academic paper thanks to SMILE

October 26th, 2020|News Archive|

The paper The integration of passenger and freight transport for first-last mile operations has been published in Elsevier’s eminent journal Transport Policy. This is the second paper to come out of the SMILE and introduces a set of Key Performance Indicators to test the effectiveness of solutions in first-last mile instances for both passenger and freight transport, with the aim of reducing operational and external costs. These KPIs are tested in two case studies involving different modes of transport.

Funding for this paper was provided through the ADRION project no. 252 “SMILE: FirSt and last mile Inter-modal mobility in congested urban areas of Adrion Region” of the ETC INTERREG V–B Adriatic-Ionian Cooperation Programme. This support is gratefully acknowledged by the authors: Francesco Bruzzone, Federico Cavallaro and Silvio Nocera.