Experts on the perspectives of sustainable mobility in Slovenian Istria

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Experts on the perspectives of sustainable mobility in Slovenian Istria

Perspectives on sustainable mobility in Slovenian Istria, raising public awareness and seeking opportunities for upgrading sustainable mobility were the topics discussed by experts at the Praetorian Palace in Koper. The event was organized as part of the Mediterranean Coast Week and macro-regional strategies.


On behalf of the Municipality of Koper, the deputy mayor Olga Franca  welcomed the experts and in her opening speech emphasised that we all want an efficient transport system that would allow people and cargo to move quickly, safely and economically, while causing minimum harm to our environment and our health: “The balance between the negative and positive effects of traffic requires experts and decision makers in the field, and not least all of us, a lot of creativity and good ideas, comprehensive monitoring of the situation and also boldness. Above all, it requires accepting the compromises that are necessary if something is to be done to preserve and protect our environment.” She also emphasized the importance of inter-municipal cooperation and joint regulation of transport, since this is the only way to achieve the desired effects and changes in the travel habits of our residents.


Sustainable development and mobility guidelines were discussed by Mag. Polona Demšar Mitrovič, representative of the Ministry of Infrastructure, who presented priority actions in the field of sustainable mobility for the next 5 years. It also outlined the funding structure for these measures, cohesion funds and the elements of the National Integrated Transport Planning Program.

Slavko Mezek from the Regional Development Centre of Koper presented the current projects of the Development Centre in the field of mobility. Particular attention was given to the SMILE project, which defines the importance of strategic mobility planning across entire functional urban areas, which will contribute to better traffic flow in addition to easier management of tourist traffic flows. The multimodal scheme of sustainable mobility in the coastal zone, was presented by David Trošt from PNZ d.o.o.. Nataša Vujačić and Tadej Smogavec from Petrol d. d. clearly described creative and advanced solutions for mobility and sustainable development for smaller cities.


Ivana Štrkalj, Coordinator for International European Projects at the Municipality of Koper, also addressed the conference, explaining how the municipality was trying to establish a special multimodal platform, and also presented some of the existing measures for sustainable mobility in the Municipality of Koper.

The meeting also included representatives from other regions who presented examples of good practice and existing measures in the area of ​​sustainable mobility at both the municipal and regional levels.