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SMILE PLUS Scenario preparation

March 30th, 2022|News PLUS|

IUAV University as technical partner is currently managing the process of mobility scenarios update. This process aims at including in project SMILE’s mobility scenarios impacts on FUA’s mobility systems due to the Covid-19 pandemic and to state-of-the-art technological innovations.

The scenarios update has been divided into a number of successive steps by IUAV University, the first one being the collection of original SMILE scenarios of all FUAs participating in SMILE Plus, in order to check the methodology, the contents, and the main conclusions and open gaps of the produced documents.

A second step has been carried out by IUAV individually in February 2022, and consisted in the delivery to all project partners of a checklist (instructions) for the update of mobility scenarios, illustrating to the partners all needed data and aspects to include in the update. In early March 2022, IUAV University and project partners have been involved in online meetings to discuss the availability of these data, the completeness of datasets, and the most important aspects to deepen and themes to approach according to each individual context in the updating phase.At the next project meeting in Dubrovnik, project partners will be able to present the draft version of their mobility scenarios, already showing how the pandemic and related impacts on people’s behaviour has changed the future mobility in involved areas. The updating process is fundamental to ensure effectiveness of local mobility plans, for which the scenarios developed within SMILE Plus will be a core base. The effort of IUAV University and of all project partners, thus, is that of effectively capture all variations compared to the pre-Covid situation and reliably estimate future trends under various scenarios of intervention and/or local development.