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Presentation of scenarios developed through project SMILE at SUMPs UP meeting in Budapest

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Presentation of scenarios developed through project SMILE at SUMPs UP meeting in Budapest

March 2nd, 2019|Activities, News|

The Municipality of Hersonissos, in the framework of a holistic approach to sustainable mobility, participates in several European programs. All programs aim to become the beginning of a strategic, urban and traffic planning in order to solve major issues of urban and suburban mobility, with a view to promoting balanced growth, adopting sustainable alternative ways of transport, changing the attitudes of migrants and combining means of transport.

Based on this strategy, MoH participates in the European project SUMPs-Up  (Innovation Pilot Pool – EXPERT GROUP: SUMP Learning Programme 3 (SLP3) – Tools and services for SUMP elaboration and measure selection),  which  started on September 2016 to promote the sustainable mobility, which is implemented in the framework of the initiative of the European Union’s CIVITAS 2020.

In the Project take part eight (8) Organizations and seven (7) cities as main partners, and aim to help European cities and their executives to promote further sustainable mobility, focusing on countries and regions where implementation of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMP) are particularly low. The aim of the project is to help organizational and planning agencies to overcome the obstacles that prevent or hamper the implementation of the SUMP, as well as to train the manpower of the municipalities in their development and implementation.

In this context, as a member of the SLP3 Learning Project Group SUMP 3: Tools and Services for the Preparation and Selection of SUMP Measures (September 2018 – February 2019), the Mayor’s Special Advisor, Mrs. Theresa Karpathiotaki, participated in the third meeting in Budapest, at the BKK Headquarters, for the exchange of know-how and good practices on SUMP in Europe. In this section, presented a series of scenarios and measures for the change of the urban and suburban traffic conditions of the Municipality of Hersonisos, as developed through the European program Adrion 252 SMILE, in which the Municipality of Hersonisos is a main partner.

The scenarios and measures discussed relate to strengthening of walking, cycling, public transport and collective public transport, as well as catering and parking management issues throughout the municipality, with emphasis on the most overburdened areas.

Finally, in the framework of a study visit, a technological diagnosis was carried out on the public transport structures and the new infrastructure for the new Tram & Metro lines, as well as a visit to the Metro Control Centre, which was organized by the Budapesta Kozlekedesi Kozpont – Centre for Budapest Transport.